Fans Are Outraged After Miranda Lambert Admits To Cheating…Shame On Her

Miranda Lambert has been in the spotlight for the past two years. Mainly because of her huge breakup with Blake. It has long been agreed upon that Miranda did cheat on Blake, but now there is even more to Miranda that is causing me to question her. It came during an interview with CMT.

She admitted that she would totally drop East for this one actor. So who’sthe lucky guy? Turns out Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg can make the country singer’s heart skip a beat according to CMT! While she’s been dating fellow singer Anderson East since late 2015, can you blame her to have a small crush on the Ted actor?
While Walhberg is the one that can leave her the most red in the face, former bandmates Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe are the people who make her laugh the hardest.
I think that once you are a cheater you are always a cheater, but Miranda may have changed. Her newest album was pretty amazing and I will still listen to her. Nothing she did could make me stop liking her music. One of my favorite songs that is fitting for this situation is We Should be Friends.

Lyrics: If your mind’s as cluttered as your kitchen sink
If your heart’s as empty as your diesel tank
If all your white t-shirts have stains
If you’ve got some guts and got some ink, well then
We should be friends
If you borrow dresses like you borrow time
If you dream all day and drink all night
If you’re looking for love but willing to fight
Over men and momma’s and Miller Lite, well then
We should be friends
I don’t know you well but I know that look
And I can judge the cover ’cause I read the book
On losing sleep and gaining weight
On pain and shame and crazy trains
If you paint your nails while you cut your loss
If you like acting like you’re the boss
If everything your daddy says
Is something you can put stock in, well then
We should be friends (come on!)